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Hi folks .....do keep dropping in and add a few scribbles..here & there..to maintain the general bonhomie..

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Oct 9, 2003
Unknown Scribbles

I have a habbit.I carry a small diary and pen all the time.Whenever I am not doing nething ( i mean my hands are not typing or my mind is not racing or my eyes are not caught on something(read...a beautiful girl or early morning dews or some interesting codes...Oh yes i am an out and out techie though not a programmer ...more of a computing person with a bent for computational logic and artificial life))..I scribble....or draw.
After the initial rush of posts I was feeling a mental block.There were so many things I wanted to write on but somehow the job pressure or offline tensions caught on and as one day rolled into another the void persisted.Then i hit upon the idea....why not scribble?
So as i start my new blog with I am pouring out my scribbles ....some u may like ...other u might not...but they all reflect the fleeting glances from the life of a flag bearer.
Y a flag bearer...u may wonder..well..have u seen the flag bearer in a battle?He runs with the flag of his country ahead of the troops.The troops might scuttle...retreat or go slow but the flag bearer runs ahead.He can never come back or scuttle even when he recieves the first bullet...he has to go forward till the last drop of his blood has the strength to carry him on.
The scribbles are in choronlogical order and will keep coming in regular intervals....I wanted to post the whole bunch but then ...good things shud come in trickles.

12th Aug'99

Annie is not in love with me nemore.I knew that a month back..but hope floats.Wat makes things shitty is her display of warmth for me. When I started howling she held me and cried too.We held each other and went on crying for so long and then she went to make a call to her new knight in shining armour.My world has crumbled.Is this really love...or just a test of time?A hopeless illusion?My room is so full of her...her cards..her small love notes...the dry flowers...the bed where we have made out so many times....she seems to be everywhere..I have to shift from here.Pity I cannot leave the city..but won't that be running away??

13th Aug'99

I can feel the wolves and the hyenas coming.All full of sympathies.Concerned faces who actually don't give a damn about wat i am going thru.I miss my garden..the wamth of the grass..the blue skies..my Puchu...Sandy.

17th Aug'99

The boy and the girl were holding hands...but when they came to sit in the canteen the boy detached himself in the pretext of bringing coffee...and never held her hand in the next half hour they spent there...funny wat our society makes us do...

21st Aug'99

Annie doesn't want to go or doesn't want me to forget her.Dropped in my room to check out if I m taking the break up well.I shouted at her...she started crying and all the shit followed.Y can't this girl let me die in peace?Wat is the stuff females made off??

Posted at 02:27 am by Flag_Bearer
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